mercredi 14 mars 2012

Interview of Philip mon amis chinois

Interview of Philip mon amis chinois

Bonjour Philip, lors de notre rencontre à Shanghai on s'est envoyé des emails c'était sympa de pouvoir communiquer avec un chinois. Je vous offre l'opportunité chers lecteurs de connaitre Philip un Shanghai un chinois moderne.

Interview en anglais.

Hello Philip please show a good picture of you and make an introduction

Philip I am a dragon baby it is very good in China, I like business marketing and International, work for a french company and like meet french people in Shanghai, french love Shanghai.

Chinese girls love shopping, what they like to buy?

they are usually crazy for foreign brand fashion products like perfume, cosmetics and clothings, you know, everything make them look outstanding

Chinese people like to writte on blog?
actually not so much. but many famous people have opened their blogs with regular updates which is quite popular in China.

What is your blog? What is the thematic ?

my blog is 国际贸易 跨国生意 and this blog shares some special point of view on business.

Do you like french girls? Why?

of couse. i am a young man with natural desire like everybody. seriously, f
rench girls are more elegant.

Thank you philip I hope I can see you again in France you are welcome

Si vous cherchez une idée cadeau original, vous pourrez trouver ce que vous cherchez.

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