samedi 17 septembre 2016

5 articles sur la décoration de sa maison

Aujourd'hui voici une sélection d'articles à lire.

Décorer sa maison soi même 

Timout Guide Déco Miami
Art Deco Miami is an architectural wonder. The city has the highest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world, and their preservation has saved the South Beach skyline from becoming a canyon of condos. Amazingly, these buildings were almost destroyed by developers in the early 1970s

à faire soi même
A furniture depot for recently-arrived its doors in Ottawais east end opened today, and it is ready to take contributions. In this way was just about provided her property by my mom mainly because she experienced redoing furniture. I am guessing the main reason the highest quality's price used furniture went in a few cd stores is the fact that it really is not very difficult nowadays to home-determine an item using the Internet. If there is a thrift-store supervisor not definitely a specialist on used furniture prices, he or she may misinterpret costs located online things. I've observed a big difference in resale shop costs from village to area and between retailers. 

Guide pour décorer sa maison

Measurements of your home

A few people have expansive, conventional homes, while others abide in reduced studio flats. It is critical to examine your space necessities. It would be a smart thought to make a note of the measurements of the territory where you would introduce furniture. Envision getting a bed without measuring the measurements of your room, and discovering that the bed is too little/vast for your room. To maintain a strategic distance from such a circumstance, estimations of your room are indispensable.

In the wake of having noticed the measurements, you can helpfully investigate plans, hues and other tasteful parts of furniture. A few clients lean toward contemporary furniture, while some others settle on conventional, great outlines. Once more, this ought to rely on upon the kind of your home. Because of a minimized format, a studio flat may not look pleasant with Victorian terrific furniture.

Les idées de Déco qui viennent d'indonésie 

L'archipel indonésien est un rempli de grande beauté naturelle, les diverses traditions culturelles et un arrière-plan historique coloré. L'architecture, à la fois moderne et ancien, est le reflet de ce damier et passionnant passé historique, d'autant plus que les architectes indigènes modernes tentent d'utiliser la beauté sauvage de leur environnement pour créer des dessins qui interagissent et harmoniser avec la vie quotidienne. Nous vérifions les meilleurs architectes indonésiens contemporains créant une vague de nouvelles «modernisme tropical». 

Si vous cherchez une idée cadeau original, vous pourrez trouver ce que vous cherchez.

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